Your Best Year Ever!

I will be heading out to Florida tomorrow morning escaping this bitter cold! It is 13 degrees this morning and the wind is unforgiving! I will be blogging so stay tuned…

Below are my top 5 tips for creating the best year of your life!

1. Create a Compelling Vision. Know precisely what you would love to achieve in all areas of life – not just in health…but in all areas of life.

2. Surround yourself with the right people who share similar goals, values and are encouraging – ditch the negative people who do not support your goals.

3. Eat Great to Feel Great. Keep you brain and body energized with whole foods – organic when possible and pay attention to which foods make you bloated or trigger you mood swings. Make sure you get a fat, protein and carb in every meal to fuel your day to day activities.

4. Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future. Whatever you did in the past is still in the past. Learn from every single ‘mistake’ in your past and find the hidden blessing. Find the lessons, apply them to your life now and count your blessings as you move forward.

5. Enjoy the Ride! Remember that every step of the way in life has both support and challenge. If you have unrealistic expectations that life is supposed to be a peace of cake at all times – you will be in for a stressful surprise and wont enjoy the ride. Expect both support and challenge at every step of the way – and find the blessing that every challenge offers you. Each challenge is an opportunity to grow and become wiser and better at what you do.




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  1. Thanks Antonio and Merry Christmas to you too from sunny (keeping fingers crossed) St. Pete FL.

  2. Thanks. I’m loving your videos and posts! Enjoy your holidays in Florida!

  3. Thank you Leann and Sallie…I have more exciting things happening very soon…but I really need some frikkin warm weather right now!!! Happy Holidays!

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